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Agile Edge GmbH is a manufacturer of high quality CIP disinfection and cleaning solutions for the constantly increasing demands in the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetics, food and beverage industries, from individual recipes to industrial solutions.

For our customers we manufacture alcohol and WFI based products as a standard range, OEM or contract manufacturer from small series to bulk production.

As a Clean In Place system supplier, we reliably cover the entire CIP process with our disinfectants and water for injection products.

Produced regionally in the energy city of Bonaduz, our production is characterized by resource conscious use of materials and social commitment.

For the expansion and marketing of our portfolio, we are looking for several independent commercial agents in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


We fit best together if you:



  • have an independent, reliable, goal and performance oriented way of working as a salesperson

  • have a customer base in the target markets for our product range

  • our solutions ideally complement your existing product portfolio

  • share our attitude towards social commitment and energy conscious production


What you can expect from us:

Our customer service takes care of all administrative tasks, always informs you about the status of your orders and ensures punctual and transparent commission calculation.

Trust forms the basis of our cooperation. We are convinced that sales take place personally and with the customer, therefore administrative burdens are minimized.

Interested? Please send your company presentation to

Our managing director, Mr. Thomas Dunn, will be happy to answer your initial questions.

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