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Car/Truck Windshield Cleaner Pro Concentrate -40°C

1A Clean window cleaner concentrate: -40 °C refill / reuse without glycols

200 liters for only 485 CHF net including VOC.

low VOC content

for professional use

No barrel costs

Manufactured in Bonaduz - payment on account - free shipping - order directly from the manufacturer - avoid plastic/steel together and protect the environment.

1A Clean circular economy

Over 300 million tons of plastic waste are produced worldwide every year, of which only around 14% is recycled.

It's time to take action

As a local window cleaner manufacturer in Bonaduz, we recognize that we are part of the problem. That's why we feel obliged to bring about lasting change.

Through our "1A Clean ECO Refill / Reuse Systems" and our low-energy production, we avoid plastic and steel and at the same time make a relevant contribution to environmental protection.

Through short delivery routes, the filling of existing containers on site and the reprocessing of containers that are no longer needed, we have developed a production cycle that is both economically and ecologically sustainable and thus counteracts environmental pollution.

Together we can drive sustainable change as role models.

With the ECO Refill System, your order is only an indication of how much you need. The invoice is based on the actual quantity filled. Delivery from 60 liters

Price incl. VOC excl. VAT.

Car/Truck Windshield Cleaner Pro Concentrate -40°C

1 Liter
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Mixing ratio concentrate * water (approx.):

    Pure -40C * 2:1 -30 C* 1:1 * -22C * 1:3 – 10C

    Order directly from the manufacturer.

    Payment on account

    AOX-free - Silicone-free - Vegan - Biodegradable

    Excellent freeze protection and cleaning performance:

    Safely and effectively prevents windshield and headlight washer systems from freezing

    Clear visibility of winter dirt such as road salt and oily road dirt.

    The even and thin wetting of the disc enables efficient cleaning, meaning that dirt does not immediately stick again.

    Fan nozzle cleaning:

    Suitable for all vehicle types


    Polycarbonate glass is not attacked

    Protects paint and rubber

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