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Zusammenfassung Wasser

Grisons Disinfectant

We specialize in the production of

ready-to-use disinfectants,

in accordance with the WHO recipe

with 80% ethanol.

1A Clean Hands


Special properties:

​​Colorless, liquid disinfectant, especially for hands.

​After rubbing (at least 30 seconds), a slightly medicinal odor remains briefly.

​Gentle on the skin and free from perfume and additives.

The glycerin  is vegan and protects the skin from drying out.

Contains 80% ethanol, making it highly effective

against enveloped (Covid 19) viruses, bacteria and fungi.

1A Clean Surface

Special properties:

​Colorless disinfectant, especially for surfaces.

Medicinal smell.

​Free from perfume and additives.

The raw materials contained are naturally vegan.

Leaves no residue.​

​Contains 80% alcohol, making it highly effective against enveloped (Covid 19) viruses, bacteria and fungi.

We recommend testing sensitive surfaces for material compatibility on an inconspicuous area before using it more widely.


Who needs 1A Clean?

Arzt ' s Klinik


  • CIP Disinfection

  • hospitals

  • schools

  • Universities / technical colleges

  • Retirement / nursing homes

  • government

  • SMEs

  • hotel / restaurant

  • open plan / offices

  • Venues

  • Airport

  • gyms

  • food industry

  • canteen kitchens

  • medical areas

  • workshops

  • On road

  • and many more

Where is 1A Clean used?


  • doorknobs / handles

  • stainless steel surfaces

  • desks

  • chairs

  • devices

  • tools

  • machinery

  • kitchens

  • shopping trolley

  •   ... almost everywhere where aerosols come into contact with hands and/or surfaces.

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