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who we are

Agile Edge GmbH is a manufacturer of high quality liquid chemical solutions. We manufacture alcohol and WFI (Water for Injection) based solutions for our customers from small series to bulk production, also as a contract manufacturer.

Produced regionally in the energy city of Bonaduz, with a high production capacity, we are characterized by energy conscious production and our social commitment.

Our energy saving production, through the use of gravity in our ATEX production facilites, not only significantly reduces the environmental impact, but also significantly lowers our energy costs.

Avionics Technik

our mission

Developing innovative and high quality cleaning solutions for an ever changing industrial landscape with a focus on energy saving and social responsibility.

Firmly rooted in our history while striving to shape the future - Old School 5.0

What we offer:

Customized industrial solutions

Let us become part of your vision. We work together to develop the best processes and results and there by set an example for professionalism.

Online shop

Our products are available for purchase in our service oriented online shop.

We are also happy to take your orders personally by email or phone.

Customer care service

Our excellent Customer Care Service is at your disposal and provides you with advice, information and documents.

Write to us or just give us a call.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Continuous improvement

We live the feedback culture. This is the only way we can improve ourselves and your product.

So let's talk.

Neon Spheres
"I have learned that the path of progress is neither short nor easy"

Marie Curie

Socially engaged

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