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1A Clean Circular Economy

Avoiding plastic together - we fill up your existing containers

and bring your used containers back  into our low-energy production


The 1A Clean ECO Refill and Reuse systems


Time for Action

Every year more than

300 million tons of plastic waste are produced,

only about 14% is recycled.

"The entire production phase of plastic is responsible for 96 percent of the carbon footprint of plastic."

"For the production of plastic you need quite a lot of water for one kilo of the plastic polyethylene (HDPE) it is 10 liters. The plastic production also consumes a relatively large amount of energy. 8181 megajoules flow into one kilo of polyethylene (HDPE)"

“The production of one ton of plastic generates almost two tons of CO2, and the incineration of the waste adds another 2.7 tons of CO2. «

«The average lifespan of a plastic barrel is 3 months, The shelf life of a barrel when properly refilled is up to 10 years. «

As a manufacturer of detergents and disinfectants, we are part of the problem

We want to change that

1A Clean ECO Refill System

Avoiding plastic together

Small lever with a large impact

Plastic avoidance - we refill your existing containers on site with cleaning agents and disinfectants directly from our low energy production.

With the 1A Clean ECO Refill System, your order is only an indication of how much you need. In the online shop in the circular economy section simply select products and specify the approx. number of liters you need.

We will come to your site and fill up your existing containers. No matter which containers you use, bottles, canisters or barrels. The invoice is based on the actual quantity of liters filled.


Refill delivery area between:

Landquart and Andeer and 

Davos and Ilanz

(expantion coming soon)

1A Clean ECO Reuse System

Reuse plastic instead of throwing it away

Small lever with a large impact


With every order you receive a return slip so that you can send your empty bottles, canisters or barrels back to us using a transport or parcel service of your choice.


Where possible, please use our packaging, which is specially designed for multiple use.

The returned bottles, canisters or barrels are cleaned, relabeled and quality checked by us before we use them in our low-energy production facility.


Customized low energy production

For the production of cleaning agents and disinfectants, we rely on gravity as our primary energy source. Gravity is the oldest energy source in the world.  

By using modern compressed air driven mixing systems, reducing mixing times and using a low-energy compressed air system, we are able to carry out several production runs with just one compressed air tank.

Our warehouse and production facility is flooded with light, so we rarely need electricity-guzzling light even in the winter months.


Thanks to an optimized storage plan and just-in-time production methodology, our electric forklift is rarely charged more than twice a month.

1A Clean ECO System portfolio

Environmental Benefits 

  • Avoidance of plastic waste by filling existing containers on site

  • Feeding of containers that are no longer required into our low-energy production cycle

Economic advantages 

  • Ready-to-use products with consistent quality

  • No container costs

  • No container disposal costs

  • Space-saving ​

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