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1 L natural stone cleaner

1A Clean Natural Stone Cleaner is a high-quality cleaning agent specially developed for the care and cleaning of stone floors. It is suitable for various types of stone, such as marble, granite, terracotta and travertine, and provides a thorough cleaning.


1. gentle cleaning: Our natural stone cleaner is gentle on delicate stone floors, yet effectively removes dirt and dust. It leaves no residue and protects the natural beauty of the stone.

2. Easy to use: The natural stone cleaner is easy to use and ready to use.

Our natural stone cleaner is the ideal solution to keep your stone floors clean, maintained and shining. Whether in your home or commercial space, it delivers impressive results while protecting the longevity of your stone floor.


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1 L natural stone cleaner

1 Liter
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Swiss Made - Order directly from the manufacturer - payment on account

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