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1 liter car rubber care

Payment on account 1 liter, with dosing attachment

1A Clean Auto Gummipflege is a product for the care of rubber seals on cars. Rubber seals can be found on various parts of the vehicle, such as doors, windows, trunk or hood. They serve to prevent the ingress of water, dust and noise into the vehicle.


The 1A Clean Auto rubber care has been specially developed to extend the life of the rubber seals and to maintain their elasticity. It forms a protective layer on the rubber that protects against UV radiation, pollution and other environmental influences.


Using 1A Clean Auto Rubber Care is easy. The product is applied evenly to the rubber seals and allowed to take effect. You can then remove excess product with a clean cloth. Regular use will help maintain the flexibility of the rubber seals and prevent cracking or fading.


During cold winter months, water can freeze in the rubber seals, causing the seals to stick or become damaged. Regular use of 1A Clean Auto rubber care can maintain the flexibility of the rubber seals and reduce the risk of freezing.


It is recommended to apply the product before the onset of cold weather and to reapply regularly during the winter months to ensure the best possible protection.


Please note, however, that 1A Clean Auto Gummipflege is not a substitute for proper vehicle maintenance and care. It is important to regularly inspect the rubber seals, clean them of dirt and debris and lubricate them if necessary to ensure their optimal functionality.

1 liter car rubber care

1 Liter
Excluding Sales Tax
  • color colourless.

    pH pH (concentrated solution): 5 - 8

    Melting point ~ 18°C

    Initial boiling point and boiling range 290°C @ 760 mm Hg

    Flash point > 175°C open cup.


    Other flammability No information available.

    Vapor pressure < 1 Pa @ 20°C

    Vapor Density ~ 3.17

    Relative density 1.26 @ 20°C


    Solubility(ies) Soluble in water. Soluble in the following materials: ethanol. acetone

    Partition coefficient log Pow: -1.76

    Auto-ignition temperature >370°C


    Viscosity 1300 - 1500 mPa s @ 20°C

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