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1A Clean Cockpit Cleaner Pro

1A Clean Cockpit Cleaner Pro ready to use for professional use - Swiss Made in Bonaduz - 500ml with spray attachment

Discover our Auto Cockpit Cleaner - the ideal solution to keep your vehicle's cockpit clean and tidy. Our special formula enables effective cleaning of all cockpit surfaces and ensures a flawless result.

Features and benefits of our car cockpit cleaner:

1. Thorough cleaning: Our cleaner effortlessly removes dust, dirt, fingerprints and other dirt from the dashboard, trim panels, buttons, steering wheel and other surfaces in the cockpit.

2. Anti-static effect: Our cleaner reduces static charges that could attract dust and dirt. This keeps the cockpit clean and dust-free for longer.

3. Fast drying: The special formula of our cockpit cleaner allows for quick evaporation, leaving no residue on the surfaces.

4. Versatile application: Our cleaner is suitable for various materials in the cockpit, including plastic, vinyl, leather and metal. It can be used on dashboards, door panels, seats and other interior surfaces.

5. Easy to use: simply spray the cleaner onto a clean cloth and wipe your cockpit.

6. After cleaning, we recommend using a care product for leather and plastic.

Enjoy a fresh, clean and neat cockpit with our Auto Cockpit Cleaner. Trust the quality of our formula and make every ride a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Note: Please test the cleaner on an inconspicuous area before use to ensure it is compatible with the materials in your vehicle.

1A Clean Cockpit Cleaner Pro

500 Milliliters
Excluding Sales Tax
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    1A Clean Cockpit Cleaner Pro ready to use

    Removes dirt streaks, dust and dries very quickly, leaving no streaks.

    Order directly from the manufacturer.

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